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China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

Chinese government had requested Microsoft to continue Windows XP system support at least in his own country. But Microsoft refused the request, so the China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers. The ban was implemented only in government offices and normal people are allowed to use. However, if people created digital files using windows 8 and communicating with government offices, ... Read More »

How to Merge Two Pictures in MS Paint

Microsoft Paint is a simple and basic graphic tool embedded in Microsoft windows operating systems. It used to draw pictures or to edit existing pictures byadding text, shapes, lines and colors. By using Paint, we can merge two or more pictures and save as a single picture. 1. Open MS Paint tool by any one of the following method:Click START ... Read More »

How to Build a Website on Microsoft

Microsoft Office Live provides you with the opportunity for hassle free creation of website even if you have no earlier experience of website creation.  This is a very easy and reasonable way of making website for small business or hobby purpose. Microsoft Live Small Business provides you with excellent features like website hosting, email and some handy tools which can ... Read More »