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How to Delete file or folder

This article teaches very basic instruction for beginners to delete file or folder from the computer. Method 1: Using only mouse 1. Select the file or folder which you want to delete. 2. Using mouse, right click the selected item. 3. Click delete from the menu. 4. A prompt window will be opened to get users confirmation to delete. 5. ... Read More »

How to Copy all File Names to Text file

To print, save or manage, we need to copy all file names to text file. But if we have large number of files or the file names are complex, then its very difficult to copy it manually. To reduce manual work and save time, there is an easy trick to copy all the file names at once via command prompt. ... Read More »

China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

Chinese government had requested Microsoft to continue Windows XP system support at least in his own country. But Microsoft refused the request, so the China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers. The ban was implemented only in government offices and normal people are allowed to use. However, if people created digital files using windows 8 and communicating with government offices, ... Read More »

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