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IRCTC waiting lists and chances of ticket confirmation

WL status denotes that your reservation is not yet conformed and do not have a conformed seat for travel. In case someone cancels the ticket, the ticket moves up the queue in the WL queue. This also adds upon the chance to get seats in the extra bogies which might be attached to clear out WL queue. This usually happen during festive season. The status of ticket can be checked using the 10 – digit PNR number on any railway station or online sets.

Types of Waiting Lists

  • RLWL – Remote Location WL
  • RLGN – Remote Location General WL
  • RQWL – Request WL
  • PQWL – Pooled Quota WL
  • LDWL – Ladies Quota WL
  • GNWL – General WL
  • CKWL – Tatkal WL

Also Called Road-Side Location WL. They are tickets issued for intermediate stations which are important and big cities lying in a particular route. They are gives separate priority and conformation. There is no RAC provision so less chance of conformation.

They are issued to intermediate station to the destination. It comes under general WL and has brighter chances of conformation. It has RAC provision.

It is a ticket booked from intermediate to another intermediate station and this is not covered by general/remote or pooled quota. A ticket is confirmed only when thane is a conformed ticket for travelling from source to intermediate station.

It is WL against pooled quota. It is shared between many small stations. It starts from the originating station and it is usually only one for the entire run. The chance of confirmation is very less. It is confirmed after the confirmation of other tickets.

It is WL ticket against ladies seat reservation.

Tickets issued by booking offices of originating source station/mar by stations ars GNWL.

It is WL for tatkal tickets. The ticket gets confirmed only when a person with tatkal ticket cancels. So chance of conformation is less if WL (>10).

Difference of normal WL and CKWL is for normal WL when it moves it goes to RAC but for CKWL you can expect confirmed berth. Tatkal was issued for actual dist of travel than end-to-end. Same tatkal berth can be booked multiple times till chart is prepared. At the then of chart preparation UN utilized portion is released to general WL. Tatkal opens one day in advance to actual journey date.

You have any questions? You know something more than this? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Frodo Baggins

    sir,i have 2 tickets of howrah NDLS duronto exp 2 tier with GNWL 3 &4 on 15 th MAY.what are the chances of getting those confirmed?would you like to advise me to book another ticket?

  • S Dutta

    I have ticket in Madras mail 12839 from howrah (HWH) to brahmapur (BAM) in 3AC, booking status W/L8 to W/L19, PQWL, current status shows W/L5 to W/L16. Journey date 24.04.15. Please somebody advise whether it has chance to get confirm.

  • Chirag

    i have booked 3 tickets from NZM to MMR in MNGLA LKSDP EXP in 3Ac on 2 April and its is W/L 33,34,35. what are the chances of getting confirmation ?
    would you please advice me ?

  • Ramachandran Aananthakrishnan

    I have a ticket with pNR 2403448074 from Nizamuddin to Chennai on 27th march and it is w/l 1. What are the chances of getting confirmation? would you advise me o book another ticket by any other train or wait?

  • Bidhayak Banerjee

    may I get the old ticket of 01/02/15 of pnr no 4824568478 of train no :- 02840

  • Bipin Kushwaha

    hello sir, I have CKWL 2 waiting. What is chance to get confirm ?

    • admin

      Hi Bipin, please mention your journey date?

  • Dilip Sarkar

    i have ticket of 12424 rajdhani on 29th april of three passengers with one confirm and two rqwl 1 and 2. what % probability to get it confirm?

  • arjunreddy

    Present Status is PQWL 30 My Journy Date is 10 Of this Month Between Dadar To Raichur.can you Please tell me the changes of confirmation.



  • himanshu sarroya

    I got 1 waiting in 2ac in rajdhanii ….can it will clear


    If the CKWL/55, So it is difficult to confirm. I just want to know is it possible to travel on the same train with E- Ticket.

  • rehman

    i have booked 1 ticket in ap express in tatkal, watng list is 3….will it clear or nt……

  • lakshya

    I have booked 4tickets from new Delhi to Madgaon 1ticket is confirmed and 3 are under rac rac26,27,28 and the travel date is 16-02-15 will it be confirmed

  • Mitesh Sharma

    i have booked 2 tkts with wait list 4,5 in 2 ac in 12969 from bhopal to jaipur of 14/02/15…………now 1 tkt is confirmed and other is still wl3 …….will it also be cleared??…………train depparture 9.30 am tomorrow,,,,,

  • Surya Prakash

    Hi, I have booked the tatkal ticket from Mumbai to Hyderabad. And it is showing waiting as CKWL6. it is
    for hussain sagar express. i booked 3 tier A/C. can you tell me the changes of confirmation.



  • Chundi Somasekhar

    Hello Sir, I have tkt CKWL 4 for Sabari exp from Secunderabad to Coimbatore for tomorrow 11th Feb. What are the chances for confirmation?

  • Manoj soni

    Hi. I have GNWL 2 and 3 , in ac 3 tier for journey from pune to ald on 22 Feb 2015. Can anyone advice on my chances of getting confirmed tickets?

  • Sushanthi

    hiee, I have booked 2 tickets today i.e, 5/2/15 in TATKAL for 6/2/15 and my status is CKWL 55/56.
    Is der any chance of Confirmation?? If not will my amount will b refunded automatically or shud i cancel?? Please let me know!!!

  • kundan

    i have made booking in DARBHANGA EXP pune to darbhanga my ticket date is 1/4/2015 and i m getting RAC 35 is their chance of getting ticket conformed before date comes…..??

  • Anita

    Had RLWL 18 / RLWL 18 at the time of booking 15 days ago for Madgaon via Okha ERS exp . It is still RLWL 18. When I book new ticket today, I am getting RLWL 28 (booked status) / WL 28. So, RL WL status has not changed to WL status in older booking whereas new booking provides latest status to WL.

  • Chandra Kumar

    Hi. I have GNWL29 for journey from MAS to NDLS on 13th Feb 2015. Can anyone advice on my chances of getting confirmed tickets?

  • vishal

    i booked 2 tickets for 10111 train number from thane to kudal, date of journey is 20th March and i have 100 waiting list. So chances are there to confirms these tickets????

  • shubhi singh

    I have booked two tickets for 6 Feb 2015 in Train 12424, NDLS to NJP. One ticket is confirmed and other is RQWL/1. What are the chances of it getting confirmed. Thanks in advance for the response.

  • Nagraj .


    • admin

      Hi Nagraj,
      99%. If any one of the tatkal ticket get cancelled, your ticket will be automatically confirmed.

  • nasibuddin khan

    I have book 4 tatkal ticket on 28/1/15. 12839. Hwh to mas. Booking status 8’9’10’11. Current status 1’2’3’4 can it confirmd plz tell me sir

    • admin

      First two tickets has some chances to confirm.

  • N.D Joshi

    I have booked 4 tickets CKWL in train no 12323 for 27/1/15………. can it be confirmed??

    • admin

      First two tickets has some chances to confirm.


    I have CKWL 1 and two confirmed seats in same PNR
    What’s the possibility of confirmation of ckwl my train is today and can all 3 person travel without and chance of ticketing getting void for third having status as Ckwl
    Train no 12151
    Raipiur to HowrahI 2AC

  • Prat

    I have booked ticket ( 2AC ) from Sealdaha to New Jalpaiguri at Padatik express on 4th March,2015. Booking status : WL 4/5.
    Let me know the chance to get confirmation

  • Premkumar R

    I have booked tatkal yesterday 22/01/2015 for todays night train

    Booking Status CKWL/27…
    Current Status now today morning CKWL/11
    What is the possibility plz tell me, else I want to catch bus.

  • radhika

    my ckwl is 48 for going clt via gharibradh is der any chance to confirm i f canceled refunded ??

  • Harshal Jadhav

    Hi I have booked 2AC Nashik to Ernakulam on 21st jan and journey date is 3rd of Feb. Status is RLWL/5 and RLWL/6 . Any chances of confirmation? Please advise. Or should i go for tatkal?

    • Premkumar R

      hope u had a good journey

  • sowri mihir

    Hi my PNR is 4104221987, travel date is 26th of Jan 2015, from KKD-SBC. I booked 3AC. Status is WL/39. Is there any chances of confirmation? I am afraid of confirmation because AC tickets will not confirm that much easily. Appreciate your response. Thanks

  • narendra

    My PNR is 4103827145, travel date is 19th Jan 2015. The wait list status has not changed from RQWL 1 to 6 ( 6 passengers) from the time of booking. What are the chances of ticket confirmation? Thanks a lot!

    • Ashok

      RLWL is remote location waitlist quota. In this quota if you book ticket you waitlist moves if and only if some ticket from your source to the required destination gets cancelled other wise it remains as it is. Its worst quota

  • vijay

    My tatkal waiting list is 52……..Journey date is 16/01/2014 and the time is 19.15……May i know is their any chances to get conform

  • ravi

    Hi I got CKWL 2 and 3 for lucknow bound train which is today 15th Jan 2015. May i know is their any chances to get conform ? Train time 11.30pm

  • sudhakar Irrusumanda

    Hi,i have a waiting list 45 for a journey from secundrabad to narasapur in hyderabad -narasapur express for 21 jan .The waiting list while i was booking was 62.what are chances of it getting confirmed…?plz reply

  • santosh

    Hi My ticket status is PQWL2, so will my ticket will enter into RAC or it will be a confirmed ticket without entering into RAC

  • Tamil

    My Waiting list no. is 3 and 4 on 2AC. journey date on 14.1.2015. Will it confirm?

  • pon karthick

    My TATKAL ticket is Waiting List 32 & 33 in Sleeper Class in Guruvayur Express of 10th. Is it possible to confirm. or need to cancel?

  • pon karthick

    Hi, My ticket is 32&33 in Sleeper Class (SL) guruvayur express of 10th. Is it possible to confirm. or need to cancel?

  • balaji

    my ticket status ckwl/11.chance to get conform,,,, train is on 8/1/15

  • Moin

    my ticket status is GNWL 80 to 84 in Gouthami Expresss…what are the chances..train is on 11/1/2015. Due to festive season is there any chance to add extra Bogies?

  • Arthi

    will my tatkal ticket get confirmed for tomo journey in brindavan epress?? status: CKWL1

  • Arthi

    my ticket ckwl 1 for brindAVAN express tomo. Will it get confirmed?

  • Chitrarath

    Hello Admin!
    Mine is
    22996- Ajmer-BDTS (Bandra Terminus)
    GNWL-55 (from BHL to BDTS)
    What are the chances?

  • rina

    I have booked ticket for 5/01/2014 (6:50am) from Hyderabad to Delhi in A P Sampark Kranti & status is CKWL2. What are the chances of confirmation please tell?

  • Nandha

    mt tatkal status is CKWL 70, will i get ticket ?

  • Pallavi S

    My ticket status to delhi is WL1/Rlgl..wat are the chances of it being confirmed.

  • http://IRcTc Eswar

    Hi Admin i booked a ticket for 5th night in PQWl-12 but now it is reduced to PQWL 10 what are the chances of confirmation
    4516023614 dis is my pnr number

  • amit kumar

    my current ckwl is 6 for doj-3/1/2015 in the train BBS garib rath,train no-12831
    whats the chance of confirmation????
    pl do reply

  • Swaroop

    Happy new year.
    My train is Sampark Kranti from Katgodam (KGM) to DLI on 8 Jan 2015
    My ticket status for chair car is GNWL 8
    Is there chance of confirmation?

  • Bhargava

    Its GNWL 55
    22996 AII-BDTS Express

    from AII to bdts.. what are the chances.. 3A
    doj 24-01-15

  • jiji

    my ticket is RLLW 11&12. journey is on 4th jan 2015.what is the chance i will get confirmed ticket?

    • jiji

      RLWL 11 and 12

  • Rajiv

    My tatkal ticket is CKWL 6, 7 and 8 in Anga Express from Bangalore to VZM on 3rd Jan 2015. What are the chances of confirmation.

  • murli

    Train No 15645 / GUWAHATI EXPRES
    DOJ: 03.01.2015
    Class: 3A
    Status at the time of booking CKWL 4

    Please say what are the chances of confirmation?

    Also, if I wait till chart till chart preparation and it is not confirm, whether the money will be automatically refunded?(Eticket)

  • Amit Z

    Sir, I have tatkal WL 4,5,6 in 3AC of malwa express from jammu to faridabad for tomorrow (02/01/2015). What are chances of it getting confirmed.



  • Srikanth

    I have booked Tatkal in 2Ac status is CK Wl 2, 3,4 for Tomorrow 1st jan-15 Journey. Will it get confirmed.

  • Jay Shah

    Hello. please let me know my chances of getting confirmation on tickets.
    udaipur express.Train number: 22901 Bandra to Mavli Junction.
    GNWL16/WL16 FOR 13/01/2014.

    Please give me your advice so that i can proceed with the bookings. Thank you.

  • Atul C

    Current position of my ticket is RAC-28, RAC-29,and RAC-30 for AC 2nd Class for H-Nizamuddin to Bangalore Rajdhani for 02-Jan-2015. What are the changes of getting Confirmed Ticket for these three births?

  • Ramachandran

    My wt list tatkal general is 5 now tomoro the ticket will confirm or not.pls advice Mumbai to chennai..

  • Ramachandran

    My tatkal wt list is now 5it will confirm or not

  • vishal

    i have booked 12952 rajdhani in tatkaal. current status is CKWL 4 date of journey is 30th December.
    Does it get confirm?


  • Ninad Wagh

    what are chances of confirmation

    PNR-Number: 4823565855
    Train Number: 17415
    Date: 30- DEC- 2014
    From Station: TPTY
    To station: KOP
    Reservation upto: UBL
    Boarding point: TPTY
    Class: SL
    No of passengers: 3

    Status Report Tatkal
    S# Booking Status Current Status
    1 W/L 18,CK now current status W/L 14
    2 W/L 19,CK now current status W/L 15
    3 W/L 20,CK now current status W/L 16

  • sameer

    PNR No. 2300719602
    waiting list 1 under tatkal

  • jasvant

    Hello Admin i have booked my ticket from Varanasi to Mumbai on 17-Dec-2014. Journey date is on 29 – Dec – 2014.

    Booking Status Current Status
    RLWL/12 RLWL/7

    What is the chance of confirmation of this ticket

    PNR Number : 6635756027
    Train Name : MFP LTT EXPRESS
    Date : 29-Dec-2014

  • ragini

    Hey. My train is mangala from delhi to goa on 28th dec … We have rac 4,5,6,7. Will it get confirmed?
    Please reply asap.

  • Raj patil

    I have buked tatkal ticket..wen buked it showed ckwl 7 for 3a nw it is ckwl 3 will it get cnf by tommorw
    goa exp.

  • Devesh

    my tatkal waiting is now W/L 1 for today. at booked time it was W/L 3 and today traveling so is it possible to confirm

  • Dogyal

    My PNR Status is CKWL 3 and 4. Train is Darjeeling Mail from NJp To Sealdah and date of journey is today 8 pm (27th Dec 2014) 2 AC what are my chances of confirmation?

  • snehA

    My ticket status is RLWL 3 for 3oth december in karnataka sampark kranthi, from hyderabad to kachiguda. does it stand any chance of confirmation?

  • sneha

    I have ticket booked for December 30th in Karnataka sampark kranti (12649) with RLWL 3 current status from hyderabad to nizamuddin. Does it stand any chances of confirmation?

  • Mithun

    My ticket status is WL 14 in AC 3 tier for train 12665 KANNYAKUMARI EX on 5th Jan 2015. Please advise

  • Mithun

    My ticket is WL 14 for 12665 KANNYAKUMARI EX on 5th Jan 2015. Please advise

  • Rahul

    hello Admin,

    My train is garib raath from Jhansi to H Nizamudin with waiting list CKWL5. So please let me know will it be confirm or not my Journey date 28/12/2014. and chart will prepare today.

  • Rahul


    My ticket is from Jhansi to H Nizamudin from Garib Raat train with waiting list CKWL5. So should my ticket will going to be confirconfi

  • raj kumar

    hi i got CKWL 1 for 3A CLASS waiting list in tatkal from BANGALORE TO ERODE


    is there any possible chances of conformation

  • Shashank

    i have RLWL/5 for Golden Temple mail from delhi ti mumbai for 27th Dec-2014 what are the chances of getting it confirmed.

  • shobhit

    Hi admin my ckwl 3 is for 2nd ac in shramshakti from kanpur to newdelhi on 26.12.2014, what are the chances of confirmation.

  • rajinder singh

    i have current waiting 46 in north east exp from anand vihar terminal to guwahati on 28 dec 14. what are the chances sir?

  • rajinder singh

    i have current waiting 46 in north east exp from anand vihar terminal to guwahati . what are the chances sir?

  • sai

    i booked 3 AC trivandrum to chennai WL 25 and booked trivandrum to nellore PQWL 5 and booked nellore to trivandrum RLWL 16 is there any chance of confromation ticket

  • sai

    i booked ticket for in 3 -ac trivandrum to chennai is WL 25 and booked another ticket trivandrum to nellore PQWL 5 and also anothe ticket nellore to trivandrum RLWL 16 is there is any chance of confromation tickets

  • mrinalmishra

    my ticket status is RLGN w/l 1…what are the chances..train is on 27/11/2014

    • admin

      Hi Mrinalmishra,
      If its not between metro cities, then 100% confirm

      • anjali

        train-kanyakumari express from pune to trivandrum.
        ticket status ckwl 3,4,5.
        what are the chances of confirmation?

    • gautham

      Hi we booked 5 tickets in padmavathy express from sri kalahasty to warangal (525KM) we got PQWL 16 – 20.Our plan of journey is at 06th FEB and i booked on 26th’s showing below waiting list.
      PQWL -16
      PQWL -17
      PQWL -18
      PQWL -19
      PQWL -20

      is there any chance of confirmation?

    • gautham

      our comment is awaiting moderation.

      Hi we booked 5 tickets in padmavathy express from sri kalahasty to warangal (525KM) we got PQWL 16 – 20.Our plan of journey is at 06th FEB and i booked on 26th’s showing below waiting list.
      PQWL -16
      PQWL -17
      PQWL -18
      PQWL -19
      PQWL -20

      is there any chance of confirmation?



    • admin

      Hi Ashok,
      99% confirmation. Don’t worry.

  • sachin

    . my ticket is booked in malwa express panipat to Ujjain and my seat is RLWL 2
    RLWL 3
    what are it’s chances of getting confirmed.
    Plz tell me.

    • admin

      Hi Sachin,

      99% confirmation.

  • sanjukta

    Hi admin
    My tickt status is CKWL 6
    Wht are its chances of getting confirmed,date -13th july2014

    • admin

      Sorry Sanjukta. you have very less chance of confirmation. Plan for an alternative transport.

  • rinzin dolma

    Hello my ticket is tatkal waiting list of 2 in karnataka express from bangalore to delhi and tomorrow at 7:20pm. What is the chances of confirmation?

    • admin

      Hi Rinzin, you have 100% chance of confirmation.

  • Umesh

    Hi admin
    My tckt status is RLWL/20 RLWL/19.
    What are its chances of getting confirmed,journey date-15 July 2014.

    • admin

      Hi Umesh, you have very less chance of confirmation. Go for tatkal

  • ashu

    I have tatkal wl14 on cc from Delhi to haridwar jan shatabdi for tomorrow afternoon, what are the chances

    • admin

      Hi Ashu, you have very less chance of confirmation.

  • AR

    I am travelling on 11 July from New Delhi to Chennai 2AC. I am on Tatkal waiting list CKWL 1. What are the chances of the ticket being confirmed?
    Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi AR, you have 99% chance of confirmation.

  • Meenu

    what are chances of confirmation

    PNR-Number: 252-2332213
    Train Number: 12413
    Train Name: AII JAT EXPRESS
    Date: 24- Jul- 2014
    From Station: DLI
    To station: JAT
    Reservation upto: JAT
    Boarding point: DLI
    Class: 3A
    No of passengers: 6

    Status Report
    S# Booking Status Current Status
    1 W/L 4 W/L 4
    2 W/L 5 W/L 5
    3 W/L 6 W/L 6
    4 W/L 7 W/L 7
    5 W/L 8 W/L 8
    6 W/L 9 W/L 9

    • admin

      Hi Meenu, you have 100% chance of confirmation.

  • Alex

    I have booked a train New Delhi Station to Varanasi on 21st August and one ticket is PQWL waitlisted. How do I know how high up the waiting list I am and if it has been confirmed? Plus what are my chances of confirmation??

  • Aditya Singh

    Hey, I have got CKWL 5 in Ashram express for tomorrow (5th July 2014). Is there any chance of getting cleared?

  • Tanuja


    Got my tickets booked for 13 August. My PNR Status is as – Booking Status – W/L 87,GNWL. And * Current Status – W/L 66. As I am not a frequent train traveler, please explain what does this means. Is there any chance of my ticket getting confirmed. Thanks.

  • Avishek Maitra

    Hello. Sir,
    I have booked my Journey for 3.07.2014. From new bongaigoan to howrah in saraighat express. .my tatkal waiting is 1.. what are my chances. Can u pls suggest me.

    • admin

      Hi Avishek, 95% chance of confirmation.

  • Anmol

    Sir I have booked I ticket from Bhopal to Patahankot In Jhelum Express. Date of journey is 12th Jul. Waiting is RLWL 11,12,13,14 in 3rd AC. What are its confirmation chances?

    • admin

      Hi Anmol, 75% chance of confirmation.

      • Anmol

        Should I go for tatkaal??

        • admin

          better you can go for it.

  • Shalini Nagarajan

    I have booked a tatkal ticket today with ck WL 2 & 3, my train will depart tomorrow night at 7:30 pm. Is there a chance that my tickets will confirm?

    • admin

      Hi Shalini, check tomorrow morning if any one ticket confirmed, then prepare for cool journey. Tatkal not advisable

  • sreeran

    i hav booked a tckt in keral exprs on 30th june now shows RLGN WL 14 wat shall i do? wil it get cnfrnmd or i should go fr tatkal

    • admin

      Hi Sreeran, since RLGn will reduce fastly, you have 99% chance of confirmation.

      • sreeram

        thanks ; now it has come down to 10

  • Amy

    It depends tht from which date u have booked ur ticket…?
    Did u check online status during this period?if there is any improvement and it comes to 28 from some large no. thn definitely there is no chance.
    but if there is no change digits are same from the date u have booked…and its been 15-20 days u booked thn wait till chart preparation…it might be get cleared….

  • amit

    i have booked a ticket of pnbe pune 2ac tatkal waiting 7 is it chance to conferm

    • admin

      Hi Amit, what is your journey date?

  • pallavi singh

    i have booked a tatkal ticket in shram shakti express from kanpur to new delhi for 27 th june. its present status is CKWL 17, 18, 19, is there any chances for its confirmation.

    • admin

      Hi Pallavi, you have 0% chance of confirmation. Go for Tatkal

  • Tony

    Hi Admin,
    My train is on 28 June 2014(tomorrow)
    Devgiri express.
    Current status -WL 1 & 2.
    Also tried Tatkal this morning- Status- CKWL 1 & 2
    3 AC

    1) Any advice on should I go for cancellation of any of these
    2) Chances of any of these getting confirmed??

    Thanks :)

    • admin

      Hi Tony, both will be confirmed. I am preferring Tatkal

      • Tony

        Thanks for the advice.
        Unfortunately none of them got confirmed. The chart status was updated just 1 hour before the departure ! This made things difficult for me, as I didn’t know what to do. But, I had alternative tickets ready, so the journey took place anyway.

  • rohit

    Hi booked ticket for mum to delhi via rajdhani exp.. Date of journey 28 June.. N its showing ckwl 27.. Any chance

    • admin

      Hi Rohit, 0% chance of confirmation. Go for Tatkal

  • jagadeesh

    sir my train on 29 june 2014
    vskp to chennai
    current status is waiting list 190 sleeper
    can you say they will allow me or not in sleeper
    because my friend is there he got conformed ticket sooo i wil travel with him soooo

    • admin

      Hi Jagadeesh, go for tatkal

      • jagadeesh

        sir tatkal is not there that’s y am asking

  • Yug

    I have CKWL/2 tatkal waiting status for tomorrows train YPR SKRANTIEXP from bangalore to new delhi.
    what are the chances of confirmation

    • admin

      Hi yug, You have 99% chance of confirmation. But keep in mind, CKWL list will reduce only when the tatkal tickets are cancelled.

  • kishore

    I have booked 1AC tickets from Blore to Hyderabad on kacheguda exp couple of days ago for today(06/27) and my the status is WL2,3 for last 2 days. Any chance of confirmation as my train is at 6:20 PM today ?

    • admin

      Hi Kishore, since it is 1AC and not reduced for last 2days, you have 20% chance of confirmation.

  • madhu velidi

    Hi Sir/Madam
    I booked a tatkal ticket for journey date is 26-june-2014 for SL (Venkatadri EXP 12797) & takal waiting list are 2,3 what is the chance of getting confirmed ticket

    • admin

      Hi Madhu, you have 100% chance of confirmation.

  • juni

    My train is on 6 th july 2014..
    Howrah yashwanthpur express..
    Current status -wl 31
    3 AC
    Will it get confirmed??

    • admin

      Hi Juni, you have 99% chance of confirmation.

  • Srinivas Ethiraj

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am travelling from MAS (Chennai) to NDL (New Delhi) by Grand Trunk Express scheduled at 19:15 tomorrow.
    The current status of my ticket is ‘WL/9′ 3-AC. At the time of booking this morning , it was ‘W/L17′
    Having purchased a TATKAL ticket, what are the chances of me getting a confirmed ticket.
    Note:CLASS -3A
    Thank You!
    Srinvas Ethiraj

    • admin

      Hi Srinivas, You have 100% chance of confirmation.

  • pranav jain



    • admin

      CKWl ticket only confirm if Tatkal tickets are cancelled. So you have very less chance of confirmation.

  • Sujani

    thanks for your article …our ticket is Howrah to Puri waiting list 29 & 28 in 3A in train 12837 on July 25th, 2014…what’s the chances of being it confirmed???

    • admin

      Hi Sujani, since the date of journey is very near and waiting list no is high, you have very less chance of confirmation.

  • vikas Kumar

    I booked a tatkal ticket for journey date is 06/24’th for second tier AC (NIZAMUDDIN EXP) & takal waiting list are 1,2,3 what is the chance of getting confirmed ticket ,also does waiting list get improves on tatkal cancellation only or it improves if somebody cancell of general quota as well .

    • admin

      Hi Vikas, you have 100% chance of confirmation. Tatkal tickets will be confirmed even general quota tickets are cancelled.

  • washid ali

    i booked tatkal 3 ac ticket today.. it has ckwl 2… the train is tomorrow at 2:20. what’s the chances of being it confirmed???

    • admin

      Hi Washid, you have 98% of confirmation

  • Santhosh

    My ticket has a PNR Status of CKWL 3 as of now in 3A class for RAJDHANI EXP. Will it get confirmed? my journey is on today @ 17:20. plz give reply. This journey is very much imp for me…….

    • admin

      Hi Santhosh, Chance of confirmation is very less below 40%. Please plan for an alternate mode of transport.

  • kunal kumar

    On booking my status was RLWL/1 … now its showing wl/1 in 12968(jp-madras exp.) From bhopal to chennai for date of journey 28th june 2014… will it get confrmd or i need to proceed for tatkal…???

    • admin

      Hi Kunal, Assured 100% confirmation. No need for Tatkal

  • David Tamang

    I have wating list 1 n 2 for tonight 20.6.14 for new jalpaiguri in gawhati express so any chance of conform I m worries. ?

    • admin

      Hi David, plan for an alternative way Since you have very few hours left for journey.

  • Vikas Shandilya

    I am going to Hyderbad from Nizamuddin tomorrow in Duronto. I had CKWL6 but now its converted to CKWL 2. Will it be confirmed till chart preparation.

    • admin

      Hi Vikas, check ticket status on tomorrow morning. You have very less chance of confirmation because CKWL tickets reduced only if Tatkal tickets are cancelled.

  • d.d

    I booked 2 tickets today in 2Ac mumbai express. Pnr status is PQWL8/PQWL9. Date of journey is 18/08. Wat r d chances of my tickets getting confirmed?

    • admin

      DD, you have 100% chance of confirmation

  • Savio

    Hey Guys

    Please advise I’m CKWL 1 on mangla laksha from delhi to goa what is the probability of confirmation?

    • admin

      Savio, Please include your Journey date in the query.

  • sushant anand

    My w/l is 114 nd now 104 in 12393 sampoorn kranti
    Patna to new delhi
    My journey date is 1/7/2014
    any chance to confirmed

    • admin

      Hi Sushant, Chance of confirmation is very less. Better you can go for Tatkal.

  • Neerav

    I have ticket from pune to Narsinghpur 30th June 2ac. It’s pqwl 3 now it’s showing wl 3. Whats the chance?

    • admin

      Hi Neerav, PQWL means pooled quota which has very less chance of confirmation. But now you have WL3, so you have 100% confirmation.

  • kunal kumar

    Hii… i hav tickt in 12968 jp-madras express 3a/c from intermediate station bhopal to jaipur for date- 28 june 2014… i got my ticket booked 1 mnth before and from that day till now my status is RLWL/1… SIR, will it get confirmed and till which time…?? Do i need to approach for tatkal ticket…???

    • admin

      Hi Kunal, since RLWL has no RAC, you have very less chance of confirmation. Its fully dependent on your luck. If any one passenger cancelled the ticket, you are lucky…

  • sudha

    my waiting list is W/L 105 GNWL, 22650 YERCAUD EXP on 3- 8-2014 from erode to chennai central… is it possible to get confirmed???

    • admin

      Since you have two months for journey, you have 95% of confirmation.

  • Yogesh

    Now my GNWL is 12..
    I have to board on 4 july..
    Will it 100% confirm?
    Chennai-bikaner SF AC…

    • admin

      Sure, Assure you 100% confirmation

  • lalit sehgal

    hi my waiting list for tatkal for today (16th june 2014) is ckwl 2.

    whats the chance of getting a confirmed one? or shld i book another one in some other train??

    • admin

      Hi Lalit, Chance is very less. 45%

  • shad

    I have tkt 1 lady and 2 child half tkt

  • shad

    Now i have cheked ck wl showing 15 16 17
    train in morning 9 am.. i have one question if there is possibly for cnf atleast one tkt or will be cnf only three tkt together

    • admin

      Don’t cancel tickets, wl reduced amazing.

  • shad

    I have booked tickets today in tatkal delhi to mumbai in garib rath and status is ck 25 26 26 can it will be cnf jorn date is 16th 9 am

    • admin

      Hi Shad, chance of confirmation is very less. 50%

  • Yogesh

    Thank you admin..

  • Mukesh Kumar

    Dear administration, please help

  • Mukesh Kumar

    What is the process of getting TATKAL waiting tickets confirmed, is it only against cancellation of TATKAL tickets or also with normal waiting tickets??

    • admin

      Hi Mukesh, Tatkal waiting tickets confirmed against cancellation of Tatkal and also normal waiting tickets.

  • Durga

    Today i buy DELHI to PATNA TATKAL TICKET in 2AC………… CKWL/23 …. at morning……….. Now in night position is CKWL/11…………. it will confirm or not ??

    • admin

      Please let me know your journey date.

  • Yogesh

    I have to travel in chennai-bikaner SF A/C…My W/L was 57 and now its showing GNW/L-15 will it confirmed or not?
    I have to board on 4 july..

    • admin

      Hi Yogesh, you have 99% confirmation.

  • siva

    dar sir i got tatkal ticket ckwl 27&28 whethr it confirm tonight(date of journey: 14june2014

    • admin

      Sorry Siva, chance of confirmation is 0%

  • vaibhav

    I have normal WL 1 for will confirm or not?

    • admin

      Hi Vaibhav, no doubt, 100% confirm

  • hemali

    Delhi- ADI Rajdhani Exp
    CKWL 4

    Will it get confirmed for tomorrow?

    • admin

      80% because the WL will be cancelled only tatkal tickets are cancelled

  • Arijit Das

    My ticket from kolkata to kanpur 2A/C is at RSWL 1 for today. please advice the chances of confirmation.the train is kol-ndls rajdhani. the date of departure is on 10th June 2014.

    • Thushara – Top Commenter

      Hi Arijit, chance of confirmation is 100%. Don’t worry.

      • ARIJIT DAS


  • SAndy

    booked status-CKw/L 7, current status W/L 6,Mumbi Delhi Garib rath, what are the chances ?

    • Gayathri – Infosys

      Hi Sandy, please share your journey date.?

  • sujan

    My ticket from kolkata to chennai 2A/C is at W/L 2 for today. I also booked tatkal ticket for same which is at W/L 3. please advice which one has chances of confirmation, so that i can cancel other ticket.

    • admin

      Tatkal has high change of confirmation then normal ticket. Don’t cancel the tatkal ticket.

  • Saubhadra

    Hi, I have booked tickets before 2 months for 12th june 2014 journey, that time my waiting list was wl1 & wl 2/PQWL, now its showing WL1 & WL2. Is there any chance of ticket confirm?

    • admin

      Surprised, still its WL1 and WL2? Chance of Confirmation is 99%.

  • rukshath banu

    My ticket from chennai to Lucknow on 25th June to raptisagar exp through general quota…now the status of the ticket is wl63,rlgl& wl36..what is the possibility of getting confirmed

    • admin

      Hi Rukshath, congrats man, your ticket will be 100% confirmed.

  • roy s

    my status is CKwl 11 from ernakulam(kochi) 2 shalimar(wb) tomorrow night.what r my chnces ne suggesions?

    • admin

      Hi Roy, Chance is less. 90% confirmation.

  • SH

    my ticket from delhi to bombay on 9th june train punjab mail through general quota shows a status of RLWL23/WL16

    • admin

      There is no RAC provision so less chance of conformation. 75% confirmation.

  • admin

    Hi Avinash, RAC is a confirmed ticket but not berth. Refer :

  • Avinash

    My tkt from bam to Pune is rac 7 for tonight journey, will it be conform ??

    • admin

      Sure. Just 1 rite, it will be confirmed soon.

    • admin

      Hi Ranjeet,
      Sure confirmation.