[dropcap]WL[/dropcap] status denotes that your reservation is not yet conformed and do not have a conformed seat for travel. In case someone cancels the ticket, the ticket moves up the queue in the WL queue. This also adds upon the chance to get seats in the extra bogies which might be attached to clear out WL queue. This usually happen during festive season. The status of ticket can be checked using the 10 – digit PNR number on any railway station or online sets.

Types of Waiting Lists

  • RLWL – Remote Location WL
  • RLGN – Remote Location General WL
  • RQWL – Request WL
  • PQWL – Pooled Quota WL
  • LDWL – Ladies Quota WL
  • GNWL – General WL
  • CKWL – Tatkal WL

Also Called Road-Side Location WL. They are tickets issued for intermediate stations which are important and big cities lying in a particular route. They are gives separate priority and conformation. There is no RAC provision so less chance of conformation.

They are issued to intermediate station to the destination. It comes under general WL and has brighter chances of conformation. It has RAC provision.

It is a ticket booked from intermediate to another intermediate station and this is not covered by general/remote or pooled quota. A ticket is confirmed only when thane is a conformed ticket for travelling from source to intermediate station.

It is WL against pooled quota. It is shared between many small stations. It starts from the originating station and it is usually only one for the entire run. The chance of confirmation is very less. It is confirmed after the confirmation of other tickets.

It is WL ticket against ladies seat reservation.

Tickets issued by booking offices of originating source station/mar by stations ars GNWL.

It is WL for tatkal tickets. The ticket gets confirmed only when a person with tatkal ticket cancels. So chance of conformation is less if WL (>10).

Difference of normal WL and CKWL is for normal WL when it moves it goes to RAC but for CKWL you can expect confirmed berth. Tatkal was issued for actual dist of travel than end-to-end. Same tatkal berth can be booked multiple times till chart is prepared. At the then of chart preparation UN utilized portion is released to general WL. Tatkal opens one day in advance to actual journey date.

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